Presenting the Best You: Your Resume Still Matters

Resumes still matter when looking and applying for a job

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There is a poignant moment in the Broadway musical  “Chorusline,” when one of the cast members bemoans, “Who am I anyway? Am I my resume?” Well, if you are looking for a job, yes. Yes, you are your resume, and employers want to know that your skills match their needs.

The trends in writing resumes have not changed too much over time. Employers still want to know you sweat the small stuff—which is the big stuff—like correct spelling, punctuation, and suitable formatting. They are not big on “wacky” email addresses better suited to communication with friends and family. Nor do they appreciate outdated or non-relevant skills.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when rewriting and submitting your resume for consideration by an employer or recruiter:

  1. Don’t be basic. Be extra. Tailor your resume to the job. Research the job requirements and skills. Match your talents and experiences. Rember, hiring managers spend less than 60 seconds (according to Career Builder) on that first pass of your resume.
  2. Short is sweet. Hiring managers and recruiters prefer shorter, more pointed highlights. Work experience, education, skill set, and personality are essential at the scanning stage. Streamline the details
  3. Quantify your achievements, but keep it real. The right words, followed by relevant numbers to back up your claim, are important. Whenever possible, look at the company’s website. Note how it uses words to indicate what talents they value most. Back up your accomplishment claims with numbers showing results. Finally, be careful not to come off as ingratiating or self-promoting. Look for an even tone when describing your accomplishments.
  4. Remember – your resume must speak like you talk so that when interviewing your “voices” match!

Writing a competitive resume is not an easy job. It takes time and resources. But the extra effort always pays off in terms of advancing your career.  Need help? Contact for assistance

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