What Can We Expect in Hiring and Recruiting in 2022?

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Our minds naturally turn to trends as we prepare to usher 2021 into the history books and welcome 2022 to the world stage. Specifically, what trends can we expect to see in hiring and recruiting in the coming year?

The worldwide Covid Pandemic that began in 2020 has impacted so many aspects of our lives. 

How we work, where we work, and how we find work are a few of them. Similarly, how skilled workers are found for jobs. 

Proactive Recruitment

 Increasingly, recruiters and hiring managers find themselves relying on Proactive  Recruitment, which identifies suitable candidates for roles that aren’t open yet. It’s about finding the ideal employees before there is a demand by establishing contact, nurturing relationships, and making the candidate curious about an open opportunity.

Social Media

While social media has been instrumental in helping recruiters and employers find good candidates, most job seekers are not fully aware of its potential. LinkedIn is one of the most prominent places to find jobs. Recruiters and hiring managers who post on a LinkedIn report that the hire rate is high. It is expected that companies will become even more creative with non-traditional platforms (think TikTok) to find qualified candidates.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a player on the hiring scene for many years. However, advances in technology can now help employers create a more diverse workforce by relying on AI to eliminate biases. Reliance on AI to be part of the screening process allows employers to consider a larger pool of candidates enhances the chances for greater diversity.

Employer Brand

Everyone wants to work for a company that can boast of accomplishments and shows strong loyalty to its employees. Companies with a strong, positive identity have more engaged employees. In 2022, expect employers to demonstrate their strengths by expanding their online presence and telling the stories that matter. 

Watch for these trends – they will impact your job search and you need to be proactive to penetrate the hiring manager screening. 

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