Who Do You Think You Are? DISC Helps You (and Your Employer) Figure That Out (PART!)

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The creator of Wonder Woman, Charles Moulton (aka William Moulton Marston), developed a character who stands as an equal among the most powerful Superheroes and symbolizes truth, justice, and equality to people everywhere. Is it possible this iconic figure is the image for what DISC® stands for?

DiSC® profiles help build stronger, more effective working relationships and are used in many organizations across the globe. They help individuals become more aware of how they respond to conflict, identity what motivates them, determine stressors, and reveal their problem-solving techniques. These profiles also enable their teams to work better together and manage more effectively. 

To create your profile, you answer a series of questions with no right or wrong answers. Your results will show your unique behavioral style, tendencies, needs, preferred environment, and strategies for effective behavior. Each profile report also includes information about other DiSC styles to help you learn more about others.

DiSC®  is not a diagnostic tool. Instead, results show how you how to:

  • respond to challenges
  • influence others
  • pace yourself
  • respond to rules and procedures

It measures behavior patterns. The assessment does not judge or match you to a skill set or job classification.  At its broadest, DiSC measures four aspects of personality: dominance (D), influence (i), steadiness (S), and conscientiousness (C). These are the foundational traits of the original DISC model. It’s important to remember that all DISC styles and priorities are valuable. Everyone is a blend of all four.

Understanding your work style and the work style of others is essential in terms of learning to work more effectively and communicate better with colleagues and bosses. RDC also uses the assessment tool in our Retained Search services and the RDC Leading Edge Career Services. For more information, follow this link https://rdcinc.com/additional-services/

To learn more about the DISC Profiles, contact rdc@rdcinc.com for assistance!

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