Trendicator® –  February 2022

The good news: growth rates are positively trending. Most encouraging is the fact that both the 3:12 index AND the 12:12 index are continuing to exceed the previous 12-month change. Comparing year-to-year data can be dangerous – especially following the volatility of data since the inception of COVID-19. However, the numbers are beginning to be convincing.

The bad news: depending on your view, all data is trending positively These conditions are seemingly unending. However, there is one exception: Job openings are on an upward spiral.

The numbers present a real paradox: low unemployment, decreasing quit rates, and increasing job openings. How can this be?!?  Explanations surface as to why. Our belief is that the jobs that are open don’t match the skills of the applicants.

Job Seekers must remain aggressive – more than ever – in their search for new opportunities. Increase is the word of the day: Increase your contact listIncrease the number of phone calls, Increase your efforts to extend research seeking potential opportunities.