How to Be Proactive in Your Job Search

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So, you have a great resume. You are at a point in your career where you think a change is needed. You see jobs you like offered online. Piece of cake. Great resume, impressive credits, press send and sit back and wait for the interview offers to roll in. Instead, you hear the sound of crickets echoing in the online ether.

What went wrong?

For one thing, this isn’t your older sibling’s job search anymore. Employers are increasingly being proactive in their hiring. To meet them halfway, you need to be proactive in your job search. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Create your online career brand. Potential employers are combing online platforms looking for potential candidates. Update your profile on these platforms. Be sure to highlight your most recent accomplishments. Many recruiters use LinkedIn and other media for the same reason. You maximize the use of these tools to find professionals working at companies that interest you. You can also position yourself to be seen by recruiters and hiring managers who have relevant openings or are looking to create a pool of talented potential employees.
  • Develop your network of contacts. Networking online and in-person is an essential step in any job search. While reaching out to the people you know is a proven strategy, stepping out of your comfort zone and contacting individuals at companies you are interested in for an informational interview is also an excellent way to up your profile. Building on relationships with other professionals is a good way to get yourself known.
  • Broaden your application techniques. While online application methods are convenient, they can sometimes be something of a black hole. For example, by the time you see and apply for a job, the company may be in the final interview stage or have filled the position. Contact companies that interest you directly or work with an external recruiter who can provide you with feedback and other support.

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