Building a More Diverse Workplace Environment

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To some people, the words “diversity” and “inclusion” are bantered about a lot these days. And, it’s a good thing. Diversity and inclusion are critical to any company’s value creation. Employers need to hire people based on their skills and abilities and make the most of diversity’s wealth.

Today’s businesses thrive on talented people with diverse backgrounds, ideas, and viewpoints. A diverse workforce tends to solve problems faster and spur innovation. It also helps build morale, bolsters creativity, keeps employees engaged. If you are serious about building a more diverse workplace, here are some things to consider.

Examine the Company’s Structure 

If you look at your company’s “power grid,” do the top decision-makers reflect the communities they serve? What does your succession planning pipeline look like?

Dispel the Myth That There’s a Lack of Talent 

Instead of assuming there is a limited pool of talent from which to recruit, challenge yourself to ask, “Where are we looking for talent?” Companies need to constantly seek out, engage with, and invite diverse applicants to apply for positions with their firms. Consider making a cultural shift by creating a diversity outreach plan beyond the organization’s traditional recruiting paths. 

Be Aware of Unconscious Biases 

Job descriptions should avoid descriptions containing gender-biased language such as “aggressive,” “supportive,” or “competitive.” Keep in mind that the job description might be the first interaction a candidate has with the company. So, why not make the experience a positive one?

Experiment With Blind Hiring 

Essentially, Blind Hiring eliminates identifying features such as names, schools attended, and country of birth. Removing these features from resumes or CVs; allows recruiters to tap into all applicants’ skills, talents, and expertise—not only those that sound familiar to them.

Discussing diversity and inclusion is not always easy. Still, when owned by senior leadership, it shows that the company is committed to an inclusive work environment that exceeds customer expectations. 

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