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The jury is still out on whether the Great Resignation is cooling down or moving into a new phase. But what does seem to be certain is that talented people want to work for companies with a high profile and a positive corporate culture.  Does that describe your company?

To find out, you might want to consider a corporate DiSC Analysis. Has your corporate culture changed since the world went into lockdown in 2020? If so, how has it changed? How do new hires and potential hires view you?

 If you are unsure how to answer these questions, you may want to get some baseline data on who you are or who you have become. The most effective way to assess your organization is through a DiSC Assessment. DiSC Assessments have been helping firms for decades by providing feedback on new hires and the current corporate culture. When used to assess your company,  they help you develop strategies to improve the contemporary culture.

A DiSC report provides valuable behavioral data on your participating employees and their work and management styles. It also analyzes how your team’s DiSC styles impact your overall corporate culture by exploring the company’s advantages and disadvantages, discussing its effect on group members, and examining its influence on decision-making and risk-taking.  

How does a DiSC Assessment make you more attractive to employees and new hires? It is a new world. It is more global, inclusive, diverse, and utilizes different talents. Employees must be able to work with people from other parts of the globe, not just their home countries.  Work from remote locations has become the norm, and managers need to lead effectively whether an employee is outside her office or on the other side of the world.  This requires a new set of skills, and a good organization will best meet the challenge by understanding who they are and where they need to go.

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