High Quality Phone Reception

A Must for Successful Job Search A potential client called, seeking assistance with interview preparation. In between static, lost coverage, and a call-back, I realized there was more help needed than interview prep. Today’s job searches require attention to detail – including how well your phone connections work! Without recommending the best alternative in your […]

Mission Driven

Sound familiar? It should…your marketing efforts should be driven by your personal mission. We’re all about inspiring people to develop their critical strengths in support of a larger, growth-oriented vision. How about you? It is important that you crystallize your vision and tailor your job search to fulfill your personal mission. It’s not just about […]

If You Don’t Go, You Don’t Get

That was the story line of a ferry porting cars back and forth on Lake Champlain from up-state New York to Vermont. The Captain was asked what drove him to cross the lake hundreds of times in all kinds of weather. His reply: “If I don’t go, I don’t get.” His message applies to the […]

Be Your Own Social Media Director

In a Practical Ecommerce article, Kevin Allen writes how companies–particularly ad agencies–are increasingly creating social-media positions with titles such as “Social Media Director” or “Social Media Specialist.” The main reason for these new roles is that consumers are no longer passive. They share information about products and services via email, blogging, Facebook and Twitter, among […]

How Leaders Earn Brand Loyalty

We all have a personal brand whether we like it or not. Simply by being ourselves in the workplace, others perceive, think, and feel about us in a certain way. The question is whether we have created the personal brand we want. This is especially important for those who hold leadership positions. If you lead […]

Time for a Promotion

Before the advent of Web 2.0 and the widespread use of social networking, to have your own personal website was probably viewed as narcissistic or the ultimate form of self-promotion. But sites like LinkedIn and Facebook have served to change that thinking. With LinkedIn recently passing 50 million users and over 200 million users on […]

Branding Your Résumé

Your résumé will get a 15-30 second look from a hiring manager, if you are lucky. Given that small of a window, it all comes down to what the top one-third of the document has to say. For maximum impact, a well-written, key word rich personal branding summary is the most effective way to market […]

Conducting a LEAN Job Search

No doubt, you have heard the terms “lean manufacturing” and “5S” used to describe a set of tools and principles that help companies increase productivity and efficiency, reduce waste and streamline operations. Over the years, many of these tools have also been adapted by non-manufacturing companies because of their common sense applicability. In fact, the […]

The Job Seeker’s Resolution

It is customary as we end one year and head into the next to make a set of New Year’s resolutions. That is the easy part. The hard part is to keep or maintain them as January 1 fades and we are caught up in the daily grind. 2009 represented a watershed year for job […]

Don’t Bury the Lead – Brand Your Résumé

In their book “Made to Stick,” authors Chip and Dan Heath put forth a guide that is intended to transform the way we communicate ideas and make our messages stick. Under their first principle of keeping things Simple, they discuss a concept that can be applied to writing your résumé. In many ways, writing your […]