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In the world of employment, it seems that job seekers are consistently looking for reasons to “not look” or “not apply.” Waiting for September was the most recent excuse. Hopefully, job seekers have been kicking in high gear throughout the summer, as there simply cannot be downtime. Timing is everything in the world of employment – if you’re not in right queue for the right position at the right time, forget about it. The successful job search will be the result of stalking – tapping every possible network, contact, and source that could lead to an opening; talking to every possible person that could open a door; and balking at anything that might stand in the way of keeping you 100% focused and determined. RDC Hiring Edge advisors can help you do that!

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We recently announced that Resource Development Company, Inc. was no longer accepting business after over 40 years of success. A well-known, Philadelphia-based HR consulting firm