It’s STILL All About the Numbers!

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We extend our thanks to The IMPACT Group President Lauren Herring for allowing us to “reclaim” JobMetrx for use as RDC’s Branding services. We are firm believers that finding new opportunities is all about the numbers, and JobMetrx connotes just that – the Job Search RX is all about amplifying your brand – increasing the touches and maximizing your efforts to reach out to expand your network.

RDC’s Trendicator recently conducted a nationwide survey of 200 job seekers.

We learned:

  • 16% of original contacts resulted in a preliminary interview
  • 1% of the original contacts resulted in an offer

Using these facts, how many contacts will it take – on average – to land a job offer? Do the math and you will find it will take on average 100 contacts. And that doesn’t necessarily mean the offer is the one you take!

Our view: it’s all about the numbers…you have to be persistent with quality contacts, good follow-up, and attention to detail. A successful job search requires constant vigilance – you have to go to get!

Our survey continues – if you are (or were)  a job seeker and interested in participating, please click here!

It’s truly about the numbers – of contacts you make! Take action – reach out to contacts and follow up!

Need help? Reach out to!

Stay safe….

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