Get the Interview! How to Stand Out with Your Resume

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As you are reading this, chances are you have already begun to work on your resume. Great! You’re not the only one who has been looking for new job opportunities. The most important step of finding a new job is to make sure you get the interview, yes it is a numbers game but you’re also not doing any favors if your resume gets lost among all of the other resumes. This blog post will be about how to make your resume stand out in a way that is appealing to the hiring manager and gives them everything they need to know before they call you in for an interview.

  1. Use a resume template that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye

The hiring manager only has a couple of seconds to take in your resume before they decide if it’s worth looking at further. It is important that the resume catches their eye and looks clean and organized with the necessary text on each page. Don’t forget… a decision is typically made when the first ⅓ of your resume is viewed! If you can’t find a template, use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or another program to create one for yourself that looks great.

Be sure to “take a step back” and look at it critically. Ask yourself “would I call me in for an interview?”

  1. Include keywords from the job description in order to show your qualifications

It is a numbers game and you can’t always get the job of your dreams, so it’s important to take every advantage you can. Make sure that if they are looking for someone with skills in MS Office or has at least five years experience under their belt (for example) to include those details, then you’ll have an edge over other candidates who don’t meet those qualifications.

The reality is that most recruiters are fielding many resumes for each position, so make sure yours is easy to search digitally.

  1. Design your resume so it’s not bland – be creative with fonts, colors, spacing, etc., but make sure everything is legible and easy-to-read

You don’t want to make your resume difficult for the hiring manager or HR person to read, but you also don’t want it to look like anyone else’s. Remember, you only have a couple seconds to make that great first impression, so be sure you are seeking that blend of unique, easy-to-read, and highlighting what you bring to the table!

  1. Proofread thoroughly before submitting your resume – typos can ruin an otherwise strong application!

It’s always important to be professional when you are submitting your resume for a job, but always understand that hiring managers are navigating a lot of resumes. Typos in particular will make the hiring manager question whether or not they want to spend time interviewing someone who doesn’t appear to put much care into their work. This seems basic, but many hiring managers report that resumes and cover letters contain simple errors that get their resumes tossed aside immediately.

The point we keep making is that the hiring managers are typically inundated with resumes. Taking small steps to make your resume stand out from the other applicants can make all the difference in getting more interviews and ultimately a job offer.

If you need help with improving your odds of getting more interviews, get in touch with us for an assessment where we’ll take a look at what’s working on your current resume along with what needs work. We’ll then create together a new version of your resume that highlights any gaps or weaknesses so if you apply again, it will be much stronger than before!

Also… Be sure to check our resource center for some great sample resumes for inspiration!

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