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Over the years, technology has always been tempting – as a user…not as a designer or creator. The ever-changing world of technology has evolved my life since 1979, when an Apple II arrived at our doorstep. Using VisiCalc, my world of tracking data to predict the ups and downs of commodity prices became so much easier. No more manual computations of “least squares lines.” Easy storage of and accessibility to years of data. “Trendicator” became a Resource Development Company, Inc. brand! Soon, however, floppy discs quickly became a nuisance. Advances in technology solved that problem and brought us to jump drives the size of a penny storing google gigs of data. And now the availability of cloud storage! Laptops, tablets, phones, and watches abound with speed and amazing connectivity. Wonder what’s next!?! An amazing world, technology – and the ideal environment to reach out with vision and creativity – using all the tools of technology – both hardware and software – to launch and successfully execute your personal branding strategy.

Resource Development Company takes full advantage of technology to ensure that our clients have easy access to job search data relevant to their search. Resume formation, job board listings, research, virtual sessions (to name a few!) utilize technology to increase our efficiency and accuracy to meet – or exceed – the expectations of our clients. Our back-office systems are cloud-based to support operations while eliminating redundancies – no checks, no filing, and easy access to online copies from any location. We encourage the same for you – it works!

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