Retained Search

Finding the Best Candidates to Maximize Your Business Performance

Top performing companies don’t just happen – they’re built one strategic team member at a time. We understand this probably better than anyone else because we stake our reputation on it every time we launch a search.

RDC’s search process was developed to help your company build a high performance organization. Through our process, we expand your company’s reach by performing original research each and every time to ensure that all qualified candidates are considered. We take an uncompromising attitude concerning ethics, loyalty, integrity, and professionalism.

Our business is not about resumes, but rather, it is about understanding your company’s business. The real value of our services is not “what” we do, but rather it is “how” we do it. Utilizing the business and management experience of our principals, gained in both large and small companies, we bring a depth of perspective and knowledge to help us understand your unique requirements.

The RDC Search process is the foundation for building mutually beneficial long-term partnerships.

Defining the specific search requirements.

Together with the job description, typically, 10 to 15 very specific criteria are developed for each position.

Customizing a candidate sourcing strategy.

Original research is conducted on each and every search, resulting in communications with hundreds of potential candidates.

Assessing and screening candidate fit.

In-depth interviews to ascertain technical qualifications, interpersonal skills, attitude, motivation and cultural fit.

Maintaining confidentiality.

Your company’s identity is never revealed to a candidate until there is interest on your part.

Managing client-candidate communications.

Constant communication is maintained between you and each qualified candidate throughout the interview process.

Performing reference and background checks.

In depth interviews with managers, peers and subordinates; detailed criminal and credit history.

Guiding the offer and acceptance phase.

Counseling the candidate on giving notice, how to handle counteroffers, and helping with relocation if applicable.

On boarding and follow-up.

Close contact is maintained after the candidate starts to make certain the anticipated fit becomes a reality.