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We offer our valued candidates and clients direct access to a unique and secure platform for senior executives and top. This platform, provided by www.notactivelylooking.com, enables senior executives to manage the way their profile is viewed by selected executive search firms. You decide which executive search firms should have access to selected information about your career history, career aspirations and personal information. Similar to other network platforms, you can manage and update your personal profile yourself. This service is absolutely safe and confidential – no corporates, no marketing, no advertising.

Even when you’re not actively looking to change jobs, it is important to ascertain that your trusted search firms have your up-to-date information. That way there is a good chance that we will be contacting you about the right sort of opportunities. Of course you can also contact us directly to talk about possible career opportunities.

NotActivelyLooking is a great way to communicate

  • It allows you to keep multiple search firms up-to-date (at the same time) without having to contact each firm individually
  • The unique search technology of NAL enables us to identify you quickly when we are handling searches that precisely match your skills and aspirations
  • It enables you to better control what career information is stored and which executive search firms can view that information
  • In case you are already registered with LinkedIn, you can easily download your existing profile, simplifying the registration process
  • Once you register and connect with RDC, we will be notified about your registration

Even if you are currently not looking to change jobs, we do recommend that you sign up through our secure access. Initial registration will only take you a few minutes. Once registered, you can go back at any time to edit or update your profile or change your user settings, including who can view your profile.

There is no cost to anyone signing up for standard membership.